The Buck Stops in the Boardroom is the choice for any board interested in discovering more about their unlimited power and how best to use it. Passive boards are “out” and proactive boards are “in”, but directors must still decide how proactive their oversight should be. When and how should a board “draw the line” between being proactive and micro-managing?

Program Features:
4 hour ISS “preferred boardroom education program”.
Conveniently presented at your office or the location of your choice
Accredited by Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), the world's leading adviser to institutional shareholders
Public companies receive a higher “Corporate Governance Quotient” from ISS
Practical tools such as the exclusive "10 Commandments for the Board" and "Director Bill of Rights"
The Corporate Governance Quotient: What Can It Do For You?
Directors attending this program will increase the Corporate Governance Quotient for each public company on whose board they serve .
Information and Pricing:
shimContact Mr. Gordon
shim401 West “A” Street, Suite 1710
shim shimSan Diego, California 92110
Phone: shim(619) 208-8811 (cellular)
shim(619) 230-1333
Program Summary
Program bridges the gap between board compliance with government/stock exchange standards and compliance with the higher “strategic asset” standard.
About Douglas B. Gordon
Mr. Gordon has a unique combination of over 25 years experience as a board member, senior executive and attorney with companies such as the NYSE listed Gordon Jewelry Corp. More
Ostrich and Eagle Awards
From exclusive awards for “dubious distinctions” to “excellence” in corporate governance, this Program will entertain as well as inform. More
Published Articles
“Forget Lerach’s Kind Word and a Gun” is just one of Mr. Gordon’s published articles. More
Read Frequently Asked Questions More
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